Tokenization at API level

What it is

When applied to the payment industry, tokenization is generally used for credit card payments. However, it is also available for debit payment methods, such as iDEAL and SOFORT Banking. Tokenization means that for every credit or debit card, a unique Recurring ID is created and subsequently encrypted as a token. The payment token itself is the unique string of numbers. As result, a unique security identifier is created to finalize a payment and potential risks are reduced.

How it works

The token is a unique number generated by MultiSafepay that refers to the credit or debit card details provided by the customer upon completing the initial transaction. Creating a token allows you to save a customer’s payment method. In return, a token can be used for recurring and subscription payments. It also allows the customer to finalize a payment in one step by selecting the stored payment details in his or her account.

Tokenization gives you the possibility to link the payment details of a customer to a reference ID, allowing you to:

  • Create recurring and/or subscription payments, recommended to any businesses with subscription payments or which generate significant business with repeat customers
  • Due to the tokens that are securely stored, they can be used to enable “one-click” payments for future transactions
  • List multiple tokens to a customer reference
  • Retrieve token information or delete a token.

What is tokenization available for?

Available for JSON API only. You can find more details in our dedicated API documentation on tokenization.

Tokens processed by the payment method Direct Debit “DIRDEB” are originally received by an iDEAL or SOFORT Banking transaction.

Parameter Type Description
type string Specifies the payment flow for the checkout process. Options: direct, redirect
gateway string The unique gateway_id to immediately direct the customer to the payment method. You retrieve these gateways using a gateway request. Option: AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD and DIRDEB
reference string Customer reference to link a token
Tokenization available for plugins supported by MultiSafepay

Tokenization, What it is

The tokenization tool available in the selected plugins ensures that the customer can complete the payment as a one click.

Upon completing the first payment with credit card as payment method, the credit card details are stored as a token. This allows the customer to finalize the next payment by only selecting the stored credit card details.

Tokenization, How it works

The token is a unique number generated by MultiSafepay that refers to the credit card details provided by the customer upon completing the initial transaction. As result, the customer does not need to fill in the credit card payment details a second time to finalize a payment.

The following is required to use the tokenization tool:

  1. Process credit card payments
  2. Use a plugin that supports the tokenization tool
  3. Enable recurring payments.

Submit your request to enable recurring payments at your account manager at [email protected]

When recurring payments are enabled for your MultiSafepay Control, the token can be received and processed.

Tokenization, available for:

Currently we offer tokenization in our Magento 1, Magento 2, PrestaShop 1.6 and PrestaShop 1.7

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