We are currently in the pilot phase for this product in the following countries:

  • Netherlands

Please note that in this stage, you cannot request terminals yet to use POS services.
If you are interested in participating in the next stage of our pilot, email [email protected]

With MultiSafepay POS solutions, you can accept in-person payments through various terminals. Our POS solutions support multiple payment methods and offer flexible implementation options.

MultiSafepay offers a wide range of certified SmartPOS terminals to choose from. With our SmartPOS terminals, you can:

  • Initiate payments using manual input flow, cloud POS payment, or third-party on-device applications.
  • Enhance your SmartPOS capabilities with additional features.

In addition, we provide traditional (CTAP) terminals in collaboration with our partners.

Once you've received your terminal, you can start activation in your MultiSafepay dashboard .

Read how our POS solutions can benefit your business on multisafepay.com

Payment methodsMastercard (credit card), Mastercard (debit card), and Maestro
Visa (credit card), Visa (debit card), Visa Electron, V Pay
Wallets: Apple Pay and Google Pay
Terminals Smart POS
Traditional (CTAP)
Card entry methodsContact, Contactless, and Magnetic stripe
Card verification methodsPIN online, PIN offline, and signature

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