This page lists error codes you may encounter in transaction responses or statuses, or under Notification history in your MultiSafepay dashboard, possible causes and how to resolve them.

1000: Unknown error

An unknown error occurred. Email [email protected]

1001: Invalid amount

The amount in the create order request was invalid.

All amounts must be given in cents, e.g. 10 EUR = 1000 not 10,00.
The minimum transaction amount is 1 euro cent (0.01 EUR).

1002: Invalid currency

The currency is not supported. The standard currency for all transactions is EUR.

For help identifying currencies, see ISO-4217 .

1003: Invalid account ID

The account_id was invalid.

Check that your account ID is properly formatted.
Your account ID appears in the top-right corner of your dashboard.

1004: Invalid site ID

Deprecated: The site_id was invalid, or doesn’t match the account ID.

1005: Invalid security code

Deprecated: The security code was invalid, or doesn't match the account ID or site ID.

1006: Invalid transaction ID

The transaction_id was invalid.

The transaction ID must be unique. The transaction ID you provided may have already been used for a completed transaction for that site ID.
Consider creating a new site profile in your dashboard.

1007: Invalid IP address

The ip_address or forwarded_ip was invalid.

For BNPL and card orders, we check the customer's IP address as part of our fraud check.

1008: Invalid description

The description was missing or invalid.

Enter a free text order description (max. 200 characters), which displays in your dashboard and on the customer’s bank statement (if supported by their bank).

1010: Invalid variable

The var1, var2, or var3 parameter was invalid.

  • Any special characters must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • The character limit is 100 characters.

1011: Invalid customer account ID

Deprecated: The customer account ID was missing or invalid.

1012: Invalid customer security code

Deprecated: The customer security code was missing or invalid.

1013: Invalid signature

The MD5 signature supplied with the message doesn’t match the message contents for the transaction.

  • Check that the values used to calculate the MD5 signature are correct.
  • Remove unnecessary blank spaces from the MD5 signature.
  • Calculate the MD5 hash from the concatenation of the amount, currency, account ID, site ID, and transaction ID.

1014: Unspecified error

Check your logs and your MultiSafepay dashboard message screen for other error codes.

For help diagnosing unspecified errors, email [email protected]

1015: Unknown account ID

The account_id was missing or invalid.

1016: Missing data

The request is missing required information.

This error most commonly occurs when the customer is directed to a payment page, or when you generate a payment link.

Check that you included the site_id, security code, and transaction ID.

1017: Insufficient funds

The customer has insufficient funds in their MultiSafepay wallet to complete payment.

Advise the customer to top up their MultiSafepay wallet.

1018: Invalid country code

The country was not recognized.

Check that the country code is in correct ISO3166-1 format.

1019: Site is inactive

The site is blocked in your account.

Unblock the site in your MultiSafepay dashboard:

1020: Account is blocked

For security reasons, we have blocked your MultiSafepay account and it cannot process payments.

Email [email protected]

1021: Cannot create transaction

Direct requests don't involve a payment page, which means we can't filter out connection errors. This error can cause an increase in unpaid or expired transactions.

Check whether the customer’s bank is experiencing a temporary malfunction.

1022: Cannot initiate transaction

The transaction may already exist with a third party.

For example, if an iDEAL transaction already exists and another direct iDEAL transaction is initiated, you receive an Error 1022: Kan geen transactie starten: ERR_EXISTS: transaction error.

1023: Gateway unavailable

The gateway is unavailable. This error can occur with direct requests.

  • Check whether the payment method supports direct requests.
  • Ensure you specified a gateway in the create order request.
  • Check if the site is correctly configured for direct requests.

1024: Transaction declined

For Pay After Delivery and card orders:

  • The customer data may be incorrect.
  • The transaction was flagged in our fraud check.
  • We considered the customer’s risk profile unacceptable.

Check that the:

  • Card details are correct
  • Customer details are correct
  • Customer details match the credit details

1024: For Cloudflare – Incorrect customer IP address

Cloudflare overwrites the customer ip_address.

To provide the correct IP address, see Cloudflare – Restoring original visitor IPs .

1025: Multiple currencies in cart

The shopping_cart contains multiple currencies.

Ensure all items in the cart use the same currency.

1026: Cart currency different to order currency

The order currency must match the currency of all items in the shopping cart.

1027: Cart amount must equal order amount

The total order amount must be equal to the sum of the items in the shopping cart.

Check that all amounts are correct.

For Pay After Delivery orders, we check the amount for each item, the total amount, and the VAT. Ensure you provide the VAT amount. If no VAT was applied, enter 0%.

1028: Incorrect custom tax rate

A tax_tables.rate is invalid.

Check that the tax rate specified was formatted correctly as #.##, e.g. 0.19.

1029: Incorrect item tax rate

Some payment methods require in the create order request:

  • tax_table
  • An array of items
  • The total amount

This error occurs if the tax rate calculated based on the tax table provided doesn’t match the order items and order total.

We recalculate the amount for each item (excluding tax) and the taxes (only 9% or 21%), and then the total amount. This should match the total order amount.

Check that:

  • The tax tables provided match the values used to calculate the tax owing in your backend.
  • You provided the amount for all items:
    • Excluding total tax
    • Including total tax

1030: Incorrect item currency

The currency for an item in the shopping cart is not supported in your MultiSafepay account.

For FastCheckout and Pay After Delivery orders, check that the currency is valid.

1031: Incorrect item price

The unit_price of an item in the shopping cart is incorrect.

1032: Invalid API key

The API key is not valid.

Check that:

  • You used the correct site API key.
  • The API key was formatted correctly.
  • You used a live key in the live environment, and a test key in the test environment.

1033: Error fetching refund information

1034: Cannot refund transaction

The refund cannot be processed.


  • That the sum of any partial refunds doesn’t exceed the original order amount
  • That you can make payouts from your account balance
  • If the order was cancelled or has already been refunded
  • If the same refund was paid within in a short period of time. If a second refund for the same amount is requested within 5 minutes, MultiSafepay rejects the second request to avoid double processing. Refunds sent in batches via the API cause this error because the process is so quick. To avoid this error, delay refund requests by at least 1 second.

1035: Invalid signature

The MD5 signature supplied with the message doesn’t match the message contents for the transaction.

1036: Invalid iDEAL issuer ID

The bank identifier for a direct iDEAL transaction was not recognized.


  • The identifier is formatted correctly.
  • If you used a real bank identifier in the test environment, or a test identifier in the live environment.

See List iDEAL issuers.

5001: Cart data not validated

The shopping_cart was not validated when the order was created, and an incorrect amount displayed on the payment page. Email [email protected]

9999: Unknown error

An unknown error occurred. Email [email protected]



Email [email protected]

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