Craft Commerce

Technical manual for MultiSafepay's free plugin.


  • Support for separate payment methods, BNPL, and gift cards
  • Partial and full refunds for all payment methods, except BNPL
  • Customizable order statuses
  • Shipment notifications for BNPL orders


  • Craft CMS version 3.2 or higher
  • PHP 7.0 and higher
  • Tested with PHP 7.0


These instructions are for installing the plugin via Composer. You can also install via the Craft Plugin Store .

Run the following commands in the CLI:

composer require multisafepay/craft-commerce
./craft plugin/install multisafepay

The latest stable release is downloaded and installed in your Craft Commerce webshop.


  1. Sign in to your Craft Commerce backend.
  2. To configure the plugin settings, go to MultiSafepay > Settings.
  3. To add payment methods activated in your MultiSafepay account and configure gateways, go to Commerce > System settings > Gateways.

User guide

Generic gateways

The plugin supports generic gateways, which allows you to add a payment method manually. This is particularly useful for integrating gift cards specific to your business.

Supported since release: 1.2.0, March 19th 2021.

How to configure generic gateways
  1. Sign in to your Craft Commerce backend.
  2. Go to Commerce > System settings > Gateways > + New gateway.
  3. From the Gateway list, select Generic gateway.
  4. Set the relevant payment method gateway IDs and the gateway label.

Payment methods

Supported payment methods


Refund rules
MultiSafepay dashboard- Full and partial refunds
- Generic gateway transactions
Backend- Full and partial refunds
- You can't refund more than the original amount in your backend
- Generic gateway transactions not supported
API- Refund order
- BNPL refunds not supported
- Discounts not supported
How to process backend refunds

To process refunds from the Craft Commerce admin panel:

  1. Go to Commerce > Orders.
  2. Select the order.
  3. To see the refund options, go to the Transactions tab.



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