Risk and fraud

MultiSafepay prevents fraud by monitoring payments and actively tracking and reporting online criminals. Our risk management systems are designed to accommodate merchants and partners with different needs. The Risk Team analyzes high-risk transactions and actively works to reduce chargebacks.

We offer the highest industry protection under the PCI DSS, including HTTPS, data encryption, and 3D Secure authentication.

We act as processor and acquirer for Visa and Mastercard, and are therefore also required to comply with their operating regulations.

Transaction monitoring

Under the Wwft, MultiSafepay is obliged to monitor the transactions of all merchants.

We may request a copy of an invoice, e.g. if:

  • It is unclear what is being sold.
  • The order value is unusually high.
  • The order deviates from your normal customer profile.

We may also ask other questions about the transaction. Following our investigation, if we still don't understand the transaction, we may pause payouts or take other punitive measures.

About the Wwft

The Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme (WWFT), or Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act, prevents companies and individuals from laundering money or financing terrorist activity.

It was based on the Disclosure of Unusual Transactions or Financial Services Act, but goes one step further. It focuses on both individuals involved in suspect transactions and the risk of such transactions.

Periodic reviews

MultiSafepay is legally required to periodically review all merchant accounts to maintain a close relationship and ensure the accuracy of company information in our system.

We check if your company is still active and if there have been any changes in the business model, directors, and ultimate beneficial ownership since onboarding or the last review.

If we identify any changes, we email you to confirm or request new documentation.

If you fail to respond to these requests, we initially pause payouts and may ultimately unilaterally terminate your contract.



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