Technical manual for MultiSafepay's free plugin.


Payment methods

Supported payment methods
  • Cards: All
  • Banking methods: All
  • BNPL: All
  • Wallets: All
  • Prepaid cards:
    • Baby gift card
    • Beauty and Wellness gift card
    • Boekenbon
    • Edenred
    • Fashioncheque
    • Fashion gift card
    • Fietsenbon
    • Gezondheidsbon
    • Givacard
    • Good4fun
    • Goodcard
    • Nationale tuinbon
    • Paysafecard
    • Parfumcadeaukaart
    • Podium
    • Sport en Fit
    • VVV gift card
    • Webshop gift card
    • Wellness gift card
    • Wijncadeau
    • Winkelcheque
    • YourGift


  1. Install the MultiSafepay plugin for supporting GraphQL queries, which also installs the MultiSafepay Core, Frontend and Adminhtml plugins. For instructions, see MultiSafepay GitHub Magento 2 GraphQL.
  2. Configure the payment methods and your API keys in the Magento admin panel.
  3. To configure URLs to your success and cancellation pages, go to Stores > Configuration > MultiSafepay > General settings > Advanced settings > Use custom return URLs for PWA storefront integration.
    • For the Custom redirect URL after canceling the payment, we recommend using: {{store.secure_base_url}}cart
    • For the Custom success page url, we recommend using: {{store.secure_base_url}}checkout/success?incrementId={{order.increment_id}}&paymentCode={{payment.code}}
  4. Install the ScandiPWA frontend plugin from this repository into your ScandiPWA theme. For instructions, see ScandiPWA - Installing an extension.
  5. Explore the checkout in your ScandiPWA application:
    Screenshot 2021-03-12 at 12 56 42



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