Community integrations

Submit and promote your plugin and become part of the MultiSafepay community.

Check out our integrations built and managed by external developer communities:

Apache OFBiz

ORRTIZ.COM provides a MultiSafepay plugin for Apache OFBiz.

View on GitHub


Yidna provides a MultiSafepay extension for nopCommerce.

View in store


The League of Extraordinary Packages provides a MultiSafepay driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library.

View on GitHub


Casper provides a MultiSafepay extension for OroCommerce.

View in store


BitBag provides a MultiSafepay plugin for Sylius.

View on GitHub

Build a community integration

At MultiSafepay, our developers write all our code for processing transactions in house. However, there are also many fantastic external developers worldwide who create code wrappers, plugins, and applications to integrate our products and services.

We'd like to work with you, and will help market your work and promote it on MultiSafepay Docs. To add your project to MultiSafepay Docs, email [email protected]

If you want to publish a MultiSafepay community integration, you must agree to the following:

  • Provide the plugin information in JSON format and describe how to configure the integration. For more information, see Create order > Body params > .. > Plugin.
  • The readme file must indicate that full responsibility for customer support and maintenance lies with the developer and clearly state that the integration was not created by MultiSafepay.
  • If MultiSafepay decides to add support your integration, we are also entitled to remove it without breach of contract.
  • You must maintain the integration.

For any questions about joining our developer community, email [email protected]


Quality expectation

MultiSafepay expects you to provide a high level of service and support to merchants. We may take action if we receive a large number of complaints.



Email [email protected]

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