Success pages

After completing payment, MultiSafepay redirects the customer to a success (or thank you) page.

If payment_options.redirect_url in your create order request is:

  • Set to your success page URL, we redirect the customer there
  • Not set, we redirect the customer to a MultiSafepay success page


Add order details to your success page

You can retrieve details about a transaction to include on your success page, e.g. payment details,transaction_status, var1/2/3 content, custom_info content.

  1. In your create order request, set the URL to your success page in payment_options.redirect_url.
  2. The transaction_id is appended as a query parameter to the URL.
  3. To retrieve the order details, make a get order request from your server using the transaction_id.
  4. Inject the details into your success page in your backend.

Dynamically style a MultiSafepay success page

You can dynamically style the MultiSafepay success page in the create order request in the same way as a payment page.




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