Technical manual for MultiSafepay's free plugin.


How to install

Tip! We recommend first installing the plugin in a test environment, following the Odoo installation procedure. Always make a backup.

  1. Download the ZIP archive with module.
  2. Unpack the content of the .ZIP file.
  3. In your Odoo server (/mnt/extra-addons/), under Custom apps, add the payment_multisafepay_official folder.
  4. Install the required Python dependencies:
    pip3 install -r requirements.txt
    Alternatively, you can install them manually:
    pip3 install multisafepay==0.2.0
    For more information about dependencies, see Python - MultiSafepay.
  5. Restart your Odoo server.
  6. In your Odoo backend, activate developer mode.
  7. Go to the Apps menu > Update apps list.
  8. Search for and open the MultiSafepay payments module payment_multisafepay_official.
  9. Click Install.

How to configure

  1. Sign in to your Odoo backend.

  2. Go to the Invoicing or Website menu > Configuration > Payment acquirers.

  3. Select MultiSafepay payment acquirer.

  4. Go to Edit mode.

  5. To change the acquirer state, click Enabled or Test. (Default: Disabled)

  6. Enter Live and/or Test API key.

  7. On the Configuration tab, set Journal, and then click Save.

  8. To get payment methods from your MultiSafepay account, go the Configuration tab, click Pull payment methods.
    Make sure the relevant payment methods are activated for your account.

  9. Configure each payment method separately:

    Payment method settings
    • Name
    • State
    • Country: Disabled for some payment methods
    • Customer group
    • Order amount: Disabled for some payment methods
    • Supported currency: Some payment methods process transactions only in EUR. Orders not created in EUR are converted to the required currency, using Odoo platform currency rate. This can only be configured by a system administrator.

User guide

Generic gateways

The plugin supports generic gateways, which allows you to add a payment method manually. This is particularly useful for integrating gift cards specific to your business.

Supported since release: 1.1.0, July 2nd 2021.

How to configure generic gateways
  1. Sign in to your Odoo backend.
  2. Go to Invoicing > Payment method > Other payment acquirer > MultiSafepay.
  3. In the Title field, set the relevant payment method gateway IDs.
  4. Set the gateway logo and name.

Payment methods

Supported payment methods


You can update in your backend.

How to update the plugin
  1. Sign in to your Odoo backend.
  2. Go to the Apps menu.
  3. Search for and open the MultiSafepay payments module.
  4. Click Upgrade.



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