Sodexo lets employers gift their employees with prepaid card sport and culture voucher.

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Payment pagesYes (current and deprecated versions)
Second ChanceYes

Terms and conditions

  • You must sign a contract with Sodexo.
  • For each voucher, you must comply with Sodexo rules regarding permitted products and services.
  • Sodexo voucher can be used for partial payments with another payment method.

Payment flow

This diagram shows the flow of a successful transaction. Click to magnify.

Sodexo payment flow

Payment statuses

The table below sets out the order status and transaction status for payments and refunds.

DescriptionOrder statusTransaction status
For partial payment with another method: The customer has been redirected to their bank.InitializedInitialized
MultiSafepay has collected payment.CompletedCompleted


  1. Fill out the Sodexo application form .
  • Under Bank details, select the checkbox to accept the sport & culture pass on your webshop.
  • Select MultiSafepay your payment service provider.
  1. Sign a contract with Sodexo. They'll give you a Sodexo Merchant ID.
    The issuer communicates your Merchant ID to us.
  2. We activate the payment method for your account.



  • See API reference – Create order > Prepaid card order.

    Example requests

    For example requests, on the Create order page, in the black sandbox, see Examples > Gift card redirect.
    Set gateway to the gateway ID of the relevant voucher.

Ready-made integrations

  • You can add Sodexo gateway ID using a generic gateway in several of our ready-made integrations.


To test Sodexo payments, see Testing payment methods - Prepaid cards.



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