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Technical manual for MultiSafepay's free app.


You will need a MultiSafepay account.

Installation and configuration

✅   Tip! Make sure you have a backup of your production environment, and that you test the plugin in a staging environment.

  1. Sign in to your CCV Shop backend and install the MultiSafepay app from the App Store.
  2. Go to Mijn webshop > Instellingen > Bestelproces & voorraad > Betaalmethoden.
  3. In the Electronische betalingen tab, select MultiSafepay.
  4. Enter your account ID, site ID and security code.
  5. If using your MultiSafepay test account, select Test mode.
  6. Click Synchroniseer betaalmethodes met MultiSafepay, and then click Save.

User guide

Payment methods

Supported payment methods


You can process refunds from your MultiSafepay dashboard, but not in your backend.



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