MultiSafepay generates invoices at month end for your records.


Invoices are for your records only. You do not need to pay them separately.

Merchant/primary account VAT invoices

Merchant and primary account holders receive a monthly invoice for the total amount of VAT we deduct from your account balance at the end of each month.

To view VAT invoices in your MultiSafepay dashboard , go to Finances > Invoices.

For payment methods where MultiSafepay:

  • Collects, we are required to charge VAT on processing fees.
  • Does not collect, VAT is applied via the card scheme to avoid double taxation. These transactions are included in invoices with zero VAT value.

Fees we charge VAT for

  • At month end: Bank fees and Interchange++ fees
  • During processing: Payout, transaction, and (collecting/non-collecting) refund fees

📘 Note: The transaction fee total is the sum of all processed and completed transactions within a specified timeframe plus the universal transaction fee agreed when you created an account with MultiSafepay.

Partner invoices

Partner account holders receive invoices for total monthly:

  • Payout fees (0,50 EUR per payout)
  • Commission fees from affiliated merchants
  • VAT (21%) – This amount is refunded to your balance

To request an invoice, email [email protected]

Non-Dutch merchants

If you are not registered as a Dutch company, you can request to shift standard Dutch VAT of 21% so that it's not charged to you.

You must provide us your local VAT registration number. Email [email protected]

User guide

Exchange rates

We always use our bank's closing exchange rate from the previous day.
The exchange rate is not displayed on the invoice.

To calculate the rate, simply divide the EUR amount by the foreign currency amount (or the other way around depending on your target currency).

Invoice email address

You can specify an email address for MultiSafepay to send invoices to, e.g. [email protected]

If you do not specify an email address, we use the main business email address provided in your account.

How to provide an invoice email address
  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard .
  2. From the account list at the top-right of your screen, click Account information.
  3. On the Contact details page, in the Invoices email field, enter the email address.
  4. Click Save.



Email [email protected]

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