Shopware 6

Technical manuals for MultiSafepay's free plugins.


  • MultiSafepay account
  • Shopware 6.4.11.x or higher, 6.5.x.x and 6.6.x.x
  • Tested on Shopware,, and PHP 8.1–8.2

Installation and configuration

✅   Tip! We recommend first installing the plugin in a test environment, following the Shopware 6 installation procedure. Always make a backup.

Marketplace installation

Get the free MultiSafepay plugin from the Shopware 6 marketplace and connect your webshop with your Shopware account.

Composer installation

Run the following command in the root of your Shopware root directory. Make sure the composer is installed on your hosting server.

composer require multisafepay/shopware6

User guide

Generic gateways

The plugin supports generic gateways, which redirect customers from your checkout to a MultiSafepay payment page. This is particularly useful for integrating gift cards.

How to configure generic gateways
  1. Sign in to your Shopware 6 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay settings.
  3. Set the relevant payment method gateway IDs.

You can filter generic gateways by country, and minimum and maximum amount.

Payment components

The plugin supports payment components, which:

  • Provide a seamless checkout experience to increase conversion.
  • Encrypt customer payment details for secure processing.
  • Shift responsibility for PCI DSS compliance to MultiSafepay.
How to activate payment components

If you're new to accepting card payments, email a request to activate them to [email protected]

  1. Sign in to your Shopware backend.
  2. Go to Settings > Payment.
  3. Select each payment method, and then enable the Component toggle.

For questions, email [email protected]

📘 Note: If you have a custom checkout and encounter a conflict with the payment component, the Integration Team will do their best to provide support, but we can't guarantee compatibility in all cases.

Payment methods

Supported payment methods

Recurring payments

Recurring payments are supported.

How to enable recurring payments

Activate recurring payments and then:

  1. Sign in to your Shopware backend.
  2. Go to Settings > Payment.
  3. Select each payment method, and then enable the Tokenization toggle.


Full and partial refunds except for BNPL methods are supported in your MultiSafepay dashboard and backend.
You cannot refund more than the original amount in your backend.

How to process backend refunds
  1. In your Shopware 6 backend, go to the Order details page.
  2. In the Refund field, enter the refund amount.

Shipping orders

For BNPL orders, after shipment, you must change the order status from Completed to Shipped. This prevents the order expiring and triggers invoicing.

If you change the order status to Delivered in your backend, the updated status is passed to your MultiSafepay dashboard automatically.


✅   Tip! Make sure you have a backup of your production environment, and that you test the plugin in a staging environment.

Marketplace update

Following the steps described in the installation process from Shopware 6 marketplace.

Composer update

By executing the following command within the root directory of Shopware 6:

composer update multisafepay/shopware6



Contact MultiSafepay:

For support for Shopware 6 Professional/Enterprise, email [email protected]

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