Card refunds



You can cancel a refund while the status is Initialized or Reserved.

For more information, see Refund payments – Cancellation.

Amount limit

You cannot refund more than the original transaction.

Processing times

  • You can process refunds via MultiSafepay for up to 180 days after payment was completed.

  • MultiSafepay sends refunds to the issuer for processing within 1 business day.

  • Refunds arrive in the customer's account within 1 to 14 business days, depending on the issuer.


  • Whether or not the refund is visible to the customer depends on the issuer's system.
  • Depending on the issuer, the amount may not appear directly on the customer's card. We recommend the customer to contact the issuer.
    • If a customer needs an acquirer reference number (ARN), you can find this in your dashboard on the relevant Transaction details page.
    • ARNs are not provided if the refund is processed within the same day as the transaction.


  • If you process a partial refund within the same day as the transaction, this is technically called a reversal. For simplicity, reversals are recorded as refunds in your MultiSafepay dashboard.

  • On the customer's card statement, the transaction may either be:

    • Adjusted to the new amount= Partial reversal
    • Not debited at all= Full reversal
  • You cannot cancel reversals because the funds are returned to the customer immediately.



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