Free app for MultiSafepay payment solutions.

Ecwid provides a free app to integrate with MultiSafepay payment pages.


You will need a MultiSafepay account.

Installation and configuration

  1. Sign in to your Ecwid backend and install the MultiSafepay app from the App Store.
  2. Go to Ecwid control panel > Settings > Payment page.
  3. For each payment method, change the Payment processor value to MultiSafepay, and click Save.
  4. Click the MultiSafepay account details link.
  5. Enter your account ID, site ID, and security code.
  6. Save the changes and enable your selected payment methods.

More information

See Ecwid – How to set up .

User guide

Payment methods

Supported payment methods


For instructions on how to integrate Ecwid with Wix, see Ecwid – Adding your Ecwid store to Wix .

You can process refunds from your MultiSafepay dashboard, but refunds are not supported in Wix webshops.



Contact MultiSafepay:

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