Company information

You must inform us of any of the following changes to your company information:

Change of address

Email your new company address and your account ID (top-right corner of your dashboard) to [email protected]

To update your contact details, provide us with your address in your dashboard:

How to update email address
  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard .
  2. In the top-right corner of your dashboard, click > Account information.
  3. Under Contact details, provide the relevant email address.
    You can indicate where to receive emails about completed transactions, uncleared transactions, invoices, and chargebacks.

Change in the company form, directors, or UBOs

Email the new details and your account ID (top-right corner of your dashboard) to [email protected]

We will request new documentation, such as UBO statements or copies of identification documents.

Company takeover

If a different company is taking over your account, we recommend opening a new account to separate the money flow.

Make sure you update all company details on your site(s), including the registration number, VAT number, and address.

The company details on each site must match the details in your account.



Email [email protected]

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