Request to Pay

Request to Pay is a Deutsche Bank payment method based on the PSD2 Open Banking API. Customers are redirected to Deutsche Bank online banking to authenticate themselves, and authorize a secure SEPA transfer. Settlement is instant (if supported) or within 24 hours.

The funds are transferred directly to your business bank account, instead of your account balance, which simplifies reconciliation.

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Request to Pay is currently not available to new merchants. It is still supported for existing merchants.

Amount limitsMinimum amount: 1 EUR, maximum amount: 15,000 EUR
CountriesGermany – More countries will follow as more banks migrate to PSD2 APIs.
Payment pagesYes (current version only)
RefundsYes: Full and partial
All refunds are processed by Deutsche Bank.
Second ChanceYes

Payment flow

This diagram shows the flow for a successful transaction. Click to magnify.

Request to Pay payment flow

Payment statuses

The table below sets out the order status and transaction status for payments and refunds.

DescriptionOrder statusTransaction status
The customer has been redirected to Deutsche Bank.InitializedInitialized
Deutsche Bank has authorized the transaction and is transferring the funds.CompletedUncleared
MultiSafepay has collected payment.CompletedCompleted
Deutsche Bank declined the transaction.DeclinedDeclined
The customer cancelled the transaction at Deutsche Bank.VoidVoid
The customer didn't complete payment within 1 hour.ExpiredExpired
Refunds: Refund initiated.ReservedReserved
Refunds: Refund complete.CompletedCompleted
Refund declined.DeclinedDeclined


  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard .
  2. To activate the payment method for:
  • All sites, go to Settings > Payment methods.
  • A specific site, go to Sites, and then click the relevant site.
  1. Select the checkbox for the payment method, and then click Save changes.

💬 Support: If the payment method isn't visible in your dashboard, email [email protected]



  • See API reference – Create order > Banking order.

    Example requests

    For example requests, on the Create order page, in the black sandbox, see Examples > Request to Pay direct/redirect.

  • Transactions expire after 1 hour.

Ready-made integrations

Not supported in our ready-made integrations.


You can't test Request to Pay in your MultiSafepay test account. You can only make test payments in your MultiSafepay live account.



Email [email protected]

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