Gift cards

Gift cards are pre-loaded with a specific amount of credit that customers can use to make online or POS payments. Customers can use gift cards to pay for a transaction in full or in part, and make up the rest with another payment method. Gift card payments are processed by the card issuer.

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CountriesBelgium, Netherlands
Payment pagesYes (current and deprecated versions)
RefundsPaid with gift card only: You can't refund via MultiSafepay because we don't receive any customer payment details to refund to. Refund in your own online banking.
Paid with gift card and another payment method: Full refunds.

Supported gift cards

Payment flow

This diagram shows the flow for a successful transaction. Click to magnify.

Gift cards payment flow

Payment statuses

The table below sets out the order status and transaction status for payments and refunds.

DescriptionOrder statusTransaction status
For partial payment with another method: The customer has been redirected to their bank.InitializedInitialized
MultiSafepay has collected payment.CompletedCompleted
For partial payment with another method: The customer didn't complete payment.ExpiredExpired
Refunds: Refund initiated.InitializedInitialized
Refunds: Refund complete.CompletedCompleted


  1. Send a request to the card issuer, providing your company details and MultiSafepay account ID.
  2. The issuer sends us the connection details and we activate the card for your account.



  • See API reference – Create order > Prepaid card order.

    Example requests

    For example requests, on the Create order page, in the black sandbox, see Examples > Gift card redirect.
    Set gateway to the gateway ID of the relevant gift card.

  • Transactions don't expire.

Ready-made integrations

  • We don’t support all open-loop gift cards in our ready-made integrations and no closed-loop gift cards. Therefore in some integrations, we use generic gateways to support custom gift cards.
  • To check if a specific gift card is supported in your ready-made integration, email the Integration Team at [email protected]


To test gift card payments, see Testing payment methods - Prepaid cards.

User guide

BNPL methods

When paying with a gift card and a BNPL method, customers must enter the gift card details before placing their order, i.e. on your checkout page.

This is because BNPL methods collect and require precise order specifications. Our platform would interpret the gift card as a discount and generate incorrect order information, e.g. tax calculations.

You are solely responsible for this in your integration.

Closed-loop vs open-loop cards

  • Closed-loop:
    • Redeem with 1 merchant only
    • No amount limits
  • Open-loop:
    • Redeem with multiple merchants
    • Max credit: 150 EUR
    • Max transaction amount: 50 EUR
    • Amounts over 50 EUR must be paid with an additional payment method.

Confirmation emails

To disable sending payment confirmation emails to the customer for gift card payments, email [email protected]

Custom gift cards

Contact MultiSafepay to develop your own custom gift card!

How to request a custom gift card
  1. Email a request to [email protected]
  2. MultiSafepay:
    • Checks the payment method rules
    • Assesses the feasibility of developing the card and estimates the timeframe
  3. Send us:
    • Whether you want a closed-loop or open-loop card
    • The card name
    • A high-resolution visual mockup of the gift card, preferably in .png or .jpg format, showing the logo as large as possible
    • A test gift card with credit and a security code
    • A startup fee of 200 EUR
  4. We develop the card and activate it for your MultiSafepay account.
  5. To integrate your card:
    • Using our API, see API reference – Create order > Prepaid card order.
    • In a ready-made integration, add your gateway ID.

💬 Support: If the payment method isn't visible in your dashboard, email [email protected]

Known error

VVV Cadeaukaart cards can sometimes throw an error where the credit balance appears to be 0, but is then restored within 24 hours (potentially affected by weekends and holidays). This appears to be due to temporary failures in the card issuer's system.

If a customer completes a payment and receives this error message, advise them to wait for 1 hour for a confirmation email before trying again to avoid placing two orders.

Webshop Giftcard

Webshop Giftcard no longer offers open-loop gift cards.

To exchange existing open-loop cards for closed-loop cards, see Webshop Giftcard – Contact .



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