Account balance

The funds held in your MultiSafepay account.

Top ups

To add funds to your balance, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard .
  2. Go to Finances > Top up balance.
  3. Under Step 1:
    • Select the Currency.
    • Enter the Amount.
    • Payment method you want to use for the transaction
  4. Under Step 2, select the payment method (iDEAL or bank transfer).
  5. Click Add funds.

Daily balance

To view your daily balance in your MultiSafepay dashboard , go to Reports > Daily balance.

There you can see your:

  • Balance and closing balance date
  • Bank description
  • IBAN and Swift
  • Payout amounts and payouts sent to the bank
  • Transactions and statuses
  • Uncleared balance (if activated, see below)

Uncleared balance

You can set your daily balance report to include the balance of uncleared transactions (status: Uncleared). This is particularly useful if you offer BNPL and/or card payment methods.

To activate this feature in your daily balance report, email a request to [email protected]



Email [email protected]

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