New page: Success pages

Learn about customizing your own success page or a MultiSafepay success page. See Success pages.

New recipe: Style the payment page

Apply a template styled in your dashboard, or dynamically style the page in your create order request.

New page: Card refunds

Learn about credit and debit card refunds and reversals. See Card refunds.

New recipes: Common API objects

Learn about commonly used API objects and important parameters. See Recipes.

New gift cards: Stadspassen

Learn about our new gift cards: Amsterdam stadspas, Dordtpas, Gelrepas, and Rotterdampas. See Gift cards.

New recipe: MOTO

Process a card-not-present payment using MOTO.

New gift card: Horses & Gifts

See Gift cards.

New page: Fuhrmann-2

Learn about the implications for payment buttons from the recent Fuhrmann-2 decision.

New page: FastCheckout

Learn about MultiSafepay's complete checkout solution FastCheckout!

New page: QR payments

Learn how to accept QR payments.