Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer, also known as SEPA Credit Transfer, is a secure, trusted, international banking method. Customers can make any type of online payment in euros within the SEPA area.

User guide

Resolving unmatched Bank Transfer payments

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When MultiSafepay receives a Bank Transfer payment from a customer, we automatically match it to the corresponding transaction in our system based on the:

  • Amount and payment reference, or
  • Amount and customer bank account number

If automatic matching fails, we try to match the payment manually.

There are two main reasons why automatic matching fails:

Payment details incorrect, missing, or incorrectly formatted

We may not be able to match a payment if the customer:

  • Transfers the wrong amount
  • Pays for multiple orders in one transfer
  • Enters the payment reference number incorrectly, or includes words, e.g. “Payment ID 5213 0452 1234 5670”
  • Provides the order number instead of the payment reference number

Sometimes, the customer’s bank has added comments to the transfer.

Transaction not created

The customer made a transfer but did not:

  • Place their order with you, or
  • Click Confirm on the payment page (redirect orders).

This means the transaction was not created successfully in our system.

To create the transaction again, check if a payment link was created:

  1. Click the link to open the payment page.
  2. Click Bank Transfer.
  3. If the customer didn’t fill in the Bank account number field, enter their bank account number (if known) to help us match the payment.
  4. Click Confirm to create the transaction in our system.
  1. Generate one manually.
  2. Include in the description the customer’s name and the order number (for your records).
  3. Click Bank Transfer.
  4. Add the customer’s bank account number (if known) to help us match the payment.
  5. Click Confirm to create the transaction in our system.

Note: The order ID must be unique for each payment link.


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