SmartPOS solutions



We are currently in the pilot phase for this product in the following countries:

  • Netherlands

Please note that in this stage, you cannot request terminals yet to use POS services.
If you are interested in participating in the next stage of our pilot, email [email protected]

Our SmartPOS solutions let you initiate payments through:

  • Manual input
  • Cloud POS payment
  • On-same device third-party applications
    • Web application
    • Native application

Manual input

To start processing payments manually:

  1. Enter Amount due and select Pay.
  2. The customer can either tap or insert their card to make the payment.
  3. Once the payment is completed, a notification is displayed.

Cloud POS payment

With cloud POS payment, you can initiate payments from an external application.

This diagram shows a successful cloud-based POS payment flow. Click to magnify.


📘 Note: Before you start initiating payments, you must ensure cloud mode is enabled - see SmartPOS features.

Create an order - see Recipe.

To receive order payments updates subscribe to Event notifications.

On-same device third-party applications

Web applications

Web applications let you initiate payments on-same devices from a browser to the payment app.

This diagram shows a successful web application payment flow. Click to magnify.


To initiate an order payment, use the URL below:

  • amount: the amount specified in EUR cents.
  • order_id: Your unique identifier for order ID.
  • callback_url: This URL redirects the customer to receive payment status notifications.
  • Optionally, you can set notification_url to receive order payment updates notifications.

Payment status received can either be Completed or Cancelled.

Native applications

Native applications let you initiate payments on-same devices from app to payment app.

This diagram shows a successful native application payment flow. Click to magnify.


To initiate payments - see MultiSafepay Android POS integration .

Handle notifications

The table below sets out options available for receiving updates on order payments.

POS SolutionsRequiredOptional
Cloud POS paymentSubscribe to the event notifications.Configure a webhook.
Web applicationsSet callback_url in the link.Set notification_url in the link to configure a webhook.
Native applicationsSet package_name in your intent call. Configure a webhook.

User guide


You can only cancel an order when the terminal displays the payment screen before any customer interaction. Once the payment is processed, you can no longer cancel.


How to process refunds

Via the API

See API reference – Refund order.

In your dashboard

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard .
  2. Go to Transactions > Transaction overview, and click the relevant transaction.
  3. On the Transaction details page, click Refund order.
  4. In the Reason / Description field, enter the reason for the refund or a description of what happened with the order, and then click Complete.
  5. In the Comment field, enter any additional information.
  6. In the Amount fields, enter the amount to refund.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Review Refund confirmation, and then click Confirm.


Make a Get order request to get updates on a specific order.


You cannot test terminals in your MultiSafepay test account.