PrestaShop 1.7

Technical manual for MultiSafepay's free plugin.


Action required

If you are still using the deprecated plugin , we recommend upgrading to the latest version as soon as possible.



✅   Tip! We recommend first installing the plugin in a test environment, following the PrestaShop 1.7 installation procedure. Always make a backup.

  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to Modules > Module Manager > Upload a module.
  3. Select the file, and then click Configure.
  4. Clear your cache.


  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay, and enter your site API key.
  3. On the Payment methods tab, enable the relevant payment methods.
  4. Click Save.

Additional configuration steps

After completing the configuration, enable specific countries to make the payment methods available.

How to enable countries
  1. Go to Improve > Payment > Preferences > Country restrictions.
  2. Select the checkbox to enable the relevant countries.
  3. Click Save.

User guide

Backend orders

In the previous release, PrestaShop backend orders were only created for MultiSafepay orders with Completed status.
In the current release, a backend order is created for every order attempt, that is for MultiSafepay orders with Initialized status.


The plugin supports the PrestaShop core checkout and is compatible with most premium themes, unless you have a custom checkout.

Supported third-party modules

The following third-party modules are supported:

The Integration Team will do their best to provide support for third-party plugins and premium themes. Email [email protected]

Generic gateways

The plugin supports generic gateways, which allows you to add a payment method manually. This is particularly useful for integrating gift cards specific to your business.

Supported since release: 5.0.0-RC-1, Oct 27th 2021.

How to configure generic gateways
  1. Sign in to your Prestashop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay > Payment methods > Generic gateway.
  3. Set the relevant payment method gateway IDs and the gateway icon.

You can filter payment methods by:

  • Country
  • Currency
  • Customer group
  • Minimum and maximum amount

Order flows

The plugin supports two flows for creating orders: before or after the transaction is completed.

Before flow

By default, order confirmation emails are sent before the payment is finalized.
You can disable this feature.

The status of abandoned payments changes to Cancelled.

After flow

Orders are created via a MultiSafepay notification to PrestaShop using the cart ID. After completing payment, the customer is redirected to your order confirmation page.
If the notification hasn't been processed yet, a waiting page with a loader displays while the order is created.

How to switch order flows

To change the flow you are using, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay > General settings tab.
  3. In the Create order before payment field, select the flow.
  4. Click Save.

Payment components

The plugin supports payment components, which:

  • Provide a seamless checkout experience to increase conversion.
  • Encrypt customer payment details for secure processing.
  • Shift responsibility for PCI DSS compliance to MultiSafepay.
Supported payment methods
How to activate payment components
  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay > Payment methods tab.
  3. Select the relevant payment methods.
  4. Set Enable payment component toggle to Enabled.
  5. Click Save.

💬 Support: If you're new to accepting card payments, email a request to activate them to [email protected]

📘 Note: If you have a custom checkout and encounter a conflict with the payment component, the Integration Team will do their best to provide support, but we can't guarantee compatibility in all cases.

Payment links

Payment methods

Supported payment methods
  • Cards: All
  • Banking methods: All
  • BNPL: All
  • Wallets: All
  • Prepaid cards:
    • Baby Giftcard
    • Beauty and wellness
    • Boekenbon
    • Degrotespeelgoedwinkel
    • Fashioncheque
    • Fashion gift card
    • Fietsenbon
    • Gezondheidsbon
    • Givacard
    • Good4fun
    • Goodcard
    • Nationale tuinbon
    • Parfumcadeaukaart
    • Paysafecard
    • Podium
    • Sport en Fit
    • VVV gift card
    • Webshop gift card
    • Wellness gift card
    • Wijncadeau
    • Winkelcheque
    • Yourgift

Recurring payments

The plugin supports recurring payments.

How to enable recurring payments
  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay > Payment methods tab.
  3. Select either the bundled card payments gateway, or select specific card.
  4. Set the Enable tokenization toggle to Enabled.
  5. Click Save.


  • Full and partial refunds are supported in your MultiSafepay dashboard and backend.
  • BNPL refunds are supported in the dashboard only.
  • Refunds for orders that include shopping cart rule discounts are supported in the dashboard only.
How to disable API refunds

By default, refunds initiated in your backend are automatically processed via our API, except for voucher refunds.

To disable this, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay > Manage hooks.
  3. Select Display non-positionable hooks.
  4. For actionOrderSlipAdd, select the three dots, and then click Unhook.

Shopping carts

If you notice errors in shopping cart calculations, email [email protected]

As a temporary solution, you can disable sending the shopping cart with the payment request.

❗️ Note: BNPL methods do not work if the shopping cart is disabled.

How to disable the shopping cart
  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to MultiSafepay > General settings tab.
  3. Set the Disable Shopping Cart toggle to Enabled.
  4. Click Save.


Surcharges are not supported by default.

How to apply surcharges with third-party add-ons

There are several third-party add-ons available. However, we can't guarantee compatibility with our plugin. Make sure that you test them carefully before installing.


Attention Dutch merchants

We strongly recommend not applying surcharges to BNPL methods. This is now considered providing credit under the Wet op het consumentenkrediet and article 7:57 of the Burgerlijk Wetboek, and requires a permit from the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM).


How to translate the MultiSafepay module

To translate elements of the MultiSafepay module in the plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your PrestaShop 1.7 backend.
  2. Go to International > Translations.
  3. On the Modify translations tab, from the Type of translation list, select Installed module translations.
  4. Select the MultiSafepay module and the Language, and then click Modify.
  5. Enter the required translations, and then click Save.

To translate the names of payment methods:

  1. Go to MultiSafepay > Payment methods.
  2. Select the payment method you want to translate.
  3. Make sure the Title field is empty.


How to update in your backend

✅   Tip! Make sure you have a backup of your production environment, and that you test the plugin in a staging environment.

  1. Download the plugin again above.
  2. Follow the Installation instructions.


How to upgrade to version 5.x

We recommend upgrading to version 5.x from older versions.

  1. Go to Modules > Module manager > MultiSafepay > Configure.
  2. On the Payment methods tab, set all payment methods to Off.
  3. On the Gift cards tab, set all gift cards to Off.
  4. Install and configure the new plugin following the instructions below.
  5. Only uninstall the older plugin when you're sure that orders created with the new plugin are being processed successfully.

If upgrading from 5.x to a newer version, see Updates.



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