Apple Pay

What it is

Apple Pay is a digital wallet system that allows consumers to easily make payments online or using NFC (near field communication) in the physical world. It allows the possibilitly to add major credit card schemes (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro), while using tokenization as the underlying technology to allow for such transactions to take place.

Apple Pay is offered in a number of countries worldwide including the majority of Europe, United States and Canada. A full list of the countries supported can be found on the official Apple website

Payment type Payment flow Countries Currencies Refund options Recurring Chargebacks
Wallet Redirect See all Multiple Full/Partial No Yes

How it works

Consumers input their credit card information into the Apple Pay app where it is digitized in the form of an encrypted token. Consumers can authorize payments by using either Touch ID or Face ID on a payment terminal. The tokenized data is encrpyted and sent to MultiSafepay where it is then decrypted and forwarded to the relevant payment scheme. MultiSafepay supports the Visa, Mastercard and Maestro payment schemes for Apple Pay.

MultiSafepay authorizes and validates the payment as a standard credit card transaction. Therefore, transaction statuses remain the same as that of a credit card transaction. Read more about standard credit card transactions on our documentation page.

Transaction Flow

The transaction flow shows the different ways a transaction can be processed. This differs per payment method.

  • Order status
    The order status indicates the status of the order, such as completed, pending or rejected. The order status is independent of the incoming or outgoing payment of the transaction.

  • Transaction status
    The transaction status indicates the payment status of the transaction, such as completed, pending or rejected. Once the transaction status is completed, the amount of the transaction is added to your MultiSafepay balance.

Apple Pay transactions received by MultiSafepay will be processed through our fraud filter. The following statuses are important when receiving an Apple Pay payment:

Order Status Transaction Status Description
Initialized Initialized A payment link has been generated to initialize an Apple Pay payment, but no payment has yet been received.
Completed Completed A successful Apple Pay transaction has been received and the funds will be added to your MultiSafepay Control balance.
Uncleared Uncleared Waiting for manual permission of the merchant to approve/disapprove the payment. Read more on accepting uncleared credit card payments, how and why?
Declined Declined Rejected by the issuing bank. Read more about the reason why the transaction is declined in what does this mean?
Expired Expired An unfinished transaction will automatically expire after a predefined period.
Void Void Transaction has been cancelled.

Refund flow

Order Status Transaction Status Description
Reserved Reserved A refund has been requested.
Completed Completed Refund has been successfully processed.
Chargeback Completed Forced reversal of funds initiated by customer’s bank (issuer). Only applicable to Direct Debit and credit card payments. Information on how to proceed when receiving a chargeback

Read more about Apple Pay on our API reference page.

Product Rules

The product rules for Apple Pay remain similar to those of the product rules from credit card payments. This is due to the nature of the transaction being a typical credit card payment, although through the Apple Pay gateway:

  • A SSL secured connection (HTTPS) is required for Apple Pay to be visible

  • American Express is not supported for Apple Pay payments

  • Refunding more than the stated amount of the original transaction is not possible for Apple Pay. More information is available on our refund more than original amount page

  • Visa, Mastercard and Maestro (Apple Pay) transactions have a maximum refund period. All cards on Apple Pay records can be refunded within 180 days. After this period, it is advised to process the requested refund through a bank transfer

  • The lifetime of a payment link can be adjusted. This might be beneficial for your inventory. The adjustment can be processed through the days or seconds active. Full documentation can be found on our lifetime of a payment link FAQ page

  • Mastercard, Visa and Maestro (Apple Pay) can be processed in the following currencies as standard currency


Apple Pay is a standard payment method, although credit card payment methods must be initially enabled in order for Apple Pay to be approved due to the nature of Apple Pay transactions primarily being completed through credit card payment schemes such as Visa or Mastercard.

Credit cards are additional (non-standard) payment methods which include Visa and Mastercard. You can submit the application to enable credit cards as a payment method through our Risk team at [email protected] Please also mention alongside your application that you would like for Apple Pay to be enabled.

To activate credit cards as payment methods for your webshop, we would like to receive the following information from you:

  • Average transaction amount
  • Minimum transaction amount
  • Maximum transaction amount
  • Yearly turnover by credit cards.

When approved by our Risk Team, Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay will be enabled in your MultiSafepay Control as payment methods.

If credit cards are already enabled as a payment method, you can contact [email protected] and we will activate Apple Pay for you.

Request refund

Please follow these steps to refund an Apple Pay transaction:

  1. Select transaction → transaction overview in your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Find the transaction through search
  3. Open transaction
  4. Select refund
  5. Fill in the amount that you want to refund to the customer
  6. Confirm the refund.

The transaction and order status are now initialized. As long as the transaction and order status are marked as initialized, the refund can be cancelled. When the transaction status is marked as completed, the refund is processed correctly.

A refund will be processed on the Apple Pay account and credit card statement of the customer within the next business day.

Outgoing payments will not be processed if your MultiSafepay balance is insufficient.

In the event of a failed Apple Pay refund, please contact our support team at [email protected] to assist you.


Since Apple Pay payments are credit card transactions, merchants are 3D secure protected for consumer fraud. In such situations whereby a consumer initiates a chargeback, please send an email to [email protected] and MultiSafepay will challenge the chargeback on your behalf.

Please make sure to read more information about chargebacks on our documentation page.

Compatibility and Testing

Testing with supported devices

Live environment

It is possible to carry out testing with Apple Pay. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Contact [email protected] to activate Apple Pay
  2. Activate Apple Pay in your backend environment
  3. During checkout, select Apple Pay as a payment method.
  4. The payment screen will appear with payment details. Click on the Apple Pay button (You can ignore the ‘Device is not supported’ text)
  5. Complete the payment using real card data. (No actual payment will be taken)
  6. The transaction is completed

It is important to note that Apple Pay is only compaible with a select number of Apple devices

It is worthy to mention testing with Apple Pay can only be conducted when the following requirements are met:

  1. A compatible device is being used
  2. A Safari browser is being used
  3. The website is using HTTPS

If one of these requirements is not met, Apple Pay will not appear on the checkout page.

Test environment

If you would like to conduct testing in a Test environment, we suggest testing using an Apple Pay Sandbox account

Please note: Maestro must be activated in your MultiSafepay Control and the abovementioned requirements also apply for the Test environment.

Further instructions on how to use Apple Pay can be found directly on the offical Apple website

Testing without an Apple device

If you do not own an Apple device and would still like to test Apple Pay, we would reccomend using

This emulator allows the pretransaction to be created when ordering and using the payment method Apple Pay. When attempting to complete the order, you will be blocked on the MultiSafepay payment page with the error “this device is not supported” but the pretransaction with Apple Pay as a gateway will be created to check whether a connection to our server exists. However, it is not possible to fully complete the test transaction.

Apple Pay Branding Guidelines

MultiSafepay would like to inform its’ merchants that wish to use Apple Pay must follow certain guidelines when integrating Apple Pay to their website.

This information is readily available on the official Apple website. Read more about these branding guidelines


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