What it is

Klarna is an online payment method that allows the customer to pay for online purchases after receiving them. This payment method allows customers to pay for online purchases after receiving them. A special feature of post-payment is that customers are only charged for the items they keep from an order.

Currently MultiSafepay only offers Klarna for Austria, Germany, Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands.

The decommission of Klarna will take place from the 1st of October. If you would like to continue using Klarna, you will need to migrate to Klarna Payments. Note that transactions made before October 1st can still be managed in terms of refunds and partial refunds.

How it works


Before integration can start, every merchant needs to sign an additional independent agreement with Klarna, where pricing is agreed upon and where the merchant is given a Klarna Merchant Number (EID) and a Shared Secret (Password). These credentials should be sent to MultiSafepay in order for us to be able to configure the Klarna Gateway within your MultiSafepay Control account. MultiSafepay will give all the necessary support during this process and when it is possible, facilitates the contract.

Once the Klarna Gateway is configured, you can start your integration using our plugins or by creating your own implementation with our API

Activate an order

When a customer chooses to pay with Klarna, MultiSafepay will create a Klarna transaction marked “Not Shipped”. After the order is shipped by the merchant to the customer, the order needs to be activated to start the communication process to the customer. After 14 business days, MultiSafepay will receive the funds from Klarna and will add the amount to your MultiSafepay Control balance.

To activate a Klarna order you need to log into MultiSafepay Control and go to the transaction details of the Klarna order. In the Order Details section there is a Change Order Status button. Here you can change the status to Shipped and provide Track & Trace details if desired.

Klarna does not support an Auto-Ship function, thus all orders have to be manually activated.

Reservation Number & Invoice Number

For every transaction, a reservation number and an invoice number will be generated by Klarna. In case a created order is not yet activated, you can find the reservation number in MultiSafepay Control under the specific Klarna order and in the transaction details. This information can serve for merchants when getting into contact with Klarna about any questions at this stage of the process.

Similarly, once a Klarna order has been shipped (shipped status), you can view the Klarna invoice number in MultiSafepay Control under the specific Klarna order in the transaction details.

All questions related to Klarna orders and transactions should be communicated directly to Klarna via [email protected]

Transaction flow

The transaction flow shows the different ways a transaction can be processed. This differs per payment method.

  • Order status
    The order status indicates the status of the order, such as completed, pending or rejected. The order status is independent of the incoming or outgoing payment of the transaction.

  • Transaction status
    The transaction status indicates the payment status of the transaction, such as completed, pending or rejected. Once the transaction status is completed, the amount of the transaction is added to your MultiSafepay balance.

From May 11th onwards, a Klarna transaction will no longer have the status Initialized after acceptance of an order. This will be replaced by the status Uncleared and will be changed to Completed after shipment of the order and payment settlement from Klarna. Following this, the funds will be added to your account. If you have any questions regarding this change please contact [email protected]
Order Status Transaction Status Description
Initialized Initialized A Klarna transaction has been initiated by the consumer.
Completed Uncleared A successful Klarna transaction has been placed. The order is awaiting shipment. A payment has not yet been received by Klarna.
Shipped Uncleared A capture has been sent to Klarna, the transaction has been confirmed. An invoice will be sent to the customer and your payout is guaranteed.
Shipped Completed Payout of a Klarna transaction has been received and added to your MultiSafepay Control balance.
Declined Declined Transaction has been rejected by Klarna. Behind the declined status in your MultiSafepay Control, the reason of rejection is shown.
Void Cancelled Transaction has been cancelled.
Expired Expired When no action is being taken when receiving a transaction with the payment method Klarna, the transaction will automatically expire.

Refund flow

Order Status Transaction Status Description
Initialized Completed A refund has been requested.
Completed Completed Refund has been successfully processed.

The full API reference for Klarna can be found here

Reconciliation & Reporting

MultiSafepay supports a fully reconciled implementation of Klarna. This means that all Klarna payments are received by MultiSafepay and forwarded to the specific merchant accounts. By having a fully reconciled implementation of Klarna we are able to add Klarna to all existing reports like the financial report and an MT940 report.

After 14 business days, MultiSafepay will receive funds from Klarna and make them available to all merchants. After 18-19 days, funds are made available in your merchant account balance.

Customisation of invoices

Klarna enables all merchants to customise all invoices sent to your customers. In order to make changes to their styling and layout, you need to log in to your Klarna Merchant Account. All questions related to this topic should be referred directly to Klarna.

Delivery address

Klarna prohibits the use of a separate delivery or pick-up address. The delivery and invoice address must be the same, in this case a PajkeGemak pick-up location from PostNL cannot be used.

Product rules

Some rules may apply to certain payment methods. For Klarna, the following rules apply:

  • Refunding more than the stated amount of the original transaction is not possible with Klarna. More information is available on our refund more than original amount page.

  • Successful Klarna transactions have no expiring date regarding refunding, as long as the receiving bank is able to process the refund.

  • As a post-payment method, Klarna has a different payment flow and therefore the setting of days or seconds active will have no influence. Full documentation can be found on our lifetime of a payment link FAQ page

  • Payments done through Klarna are processed in Euros (EUR)

  • Klarna is currently offered in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Finland and the Netherlands

  • As a rule of thumb, post-payment methods do not allow the use of a gift card by a customer when filling in the payment details (after the order has already been placed). This has to do with the accuracy of the order specifications, needed by the collecting party (i.e. Klarna). Our platform would otherwise interpret the gift card as a discount (which is not present in the shopping cart specification) and would not reflect the right order information needed, for example, for taxation purposes. However, using gift cards for post-payment can be implemented as an option before placing the order (i.e. on your checkout page, before calling our API). It is the merchant’s sole responsibility to enable this feature. Failing to comply with this product rule might result in unexpected errors and unwanted complications.

  • When multiple order rules are supplied with the same merchant-item-id, it will result in a conflict if a partial refund is requested. Thus, to be able to do the partial refund for the same product with different specifications (e.g. size, color) via the shopping cart successfully, each merchant-item-id should be unique. For example, for products with different sizes the merchant-item-id can be distinguished with ‘-size’: 1001311-xxl, 1001311-m, 1001311-s.


Note: Before applying for Klarna, please check your eligibility with your MultiSafepay account manager.

To offer Klarna as a payment method to your customers, it is first necessary sign an agreement with Klarna.com

Make sure you inform Klarna you use MultiSafepay as a payment provider.

During approval, Klarna will ask us to activate the payment method for your website.

For existing Klarna clients, contact [email protected] to connect your Klarna account with your MultiSafepay Control.

As soon as we have activated Klarna for your account, you should activate Klarna in the back-end of your website as a payment method and conduct testing. Next, please request an acceptance test at Klarna [email protected] and specify all urls which should be tested.

Once Klarna has finished the acceptance test, you or Klarna can change the status to live environment in the Klarna Online dashboard.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our account managers at [email protected]

Request a refund

There are 3 ways to refund a Klarna transaction in your MultiSafepay Control account.

In all three cases of a refund, an amount will be refunded only if a payment is linked to the transaction. If no payment is linked to the transaction, only a credit on the invoice will take place.

Full refund

The transaction can be fully refunded through the refund option:

  1. Go to transactions in MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select transaction overview
  3. With the search function you can find the transaction
  4. Click on the transaction to open it
  5. Select refund order
  6. Full refund
  7. Save.

The transaction is cancelled.

Partial refund

The Transaction can be partially refunded in the checkout editor. Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to transactions in MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select transaction overview
  3. With the search function you can find the transaction
  4. Click on the transaction to open it
  5. Select refund order
  6. Choose Edit
  7. Choose the item(s) you want to deduct from the order
  8. Save.

The transaction shows the credited item(s) with the deducted amount added to the transaction. A new payment link is generated and sent to the customer with the adjusted invoice.

Add a discount

Instead of deleting an item in the checkout editor you may want to add a discount. Please follow these steps:

Submitting a discount with the payment method Klarna is processed on a negative amount instead of on a negative quantity. This method of adding a discount only applies to a successfully placed Klarna transaction. More information about how to add a discount before the transaction request is submitted to MultiSafepay is available on our API Documentation page
  1. Go to transactions in the MultiSafepay Control
  2. Select transaction overview
  3. With the search function you can find the transaction
  4. Click on the transaction to open it
  5. Select refund order
  6. Choose edit
  7. Add the discount as a new page in the checkout editor.
    For example, quantity (1) -> discount (item or name) -> amount (as negative)-> VAT
  8. Add the new order line to the order to deduct the amount given as a discount
  9. Save.

The discount is added to the transaction. A new payment link is generated and sent to the customer with the adjusted invoice.

In most plugins you can also refund. See the corresponding plugin FAQ for more information.

Pay-after-delivery methods allow customers to pay only for items they keep from an order. This means that sometimes the complete customer journey also consists of a product return process. In the event of the return process taking too long to verify, the collection period can be paused for 2 to 4 weeks by placing it on hold. This can only be done via [email protected] or +31 208082853


Once a Klarna order has been accepted, the order must be shipped within 28 days. If this is not possible, you have the option to extend this time period in the MultiSafepay Control via the Extend button. This time can be extended for a total of 180 days in segments.

If the order is not captured before the expiration time has been reached, it will go to the status Expired | Expired. Once the order has expired, the order can only be reactivated by Klarna. The financial status of the order will only go to Completed after the order has been shipped.

Order Status Transaction Status
Expired Expired

Once an order has been expired, this is cannot be reverted and a new order should be made.


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