What it is

KBC is a local Belgium payment method used by customers with a bank account with the Belgian bank KBC. KBC customers can therefore pay through their familiar banking environment.

What is the difference between KBC/CBC?

Essentially, there is no real difference between these two payment methods. Both payment methods offer the same way of paying for your products.

The main difference is that CBC is focused on the French speaking part of Belgium, whereas KBC is meant for the Dutch speaking population of Belgium.

It’s important to note that, due to KBC and CBC being two different branches, in our payment gateway you will be provided with a separate option for both of these payment methods. Consumers under KBC cannot complete transactions through CBC and vice-versa. The way they function, however, is exactly the same.

How it works

KBC is a banking payment method that allows KBC customers to pay directly using their KBC bank account. KBC is similar to any bank payment. A customer chooses to pay with KBC, authenticates their account, and confirms to pay.

KBC payments can only be processed on our new payment page starting with PayV2

In the event which a customer makes a successful payment, but does not finalize the process by pressing the “return to website” button, no status update will be received on our end. The transaction status will therefore remain initialized. However, we import our bank statements daily and all incoming payments which have not been completed yet will then be completed.

Transaction flow

The transaction flow shows the different ways a transaction can be processed. This differs per payment method.

  • Order status
    The order status indicates the status of the order, such as completed, pending or rejected. The order status is independent of the incoming or outgoing payment of the transaction.

  • Transaction status
    The transaction status indicates the payment status of the transaction, such as completed, pending or rejected. Once the transaction status is completed, the amount of the transaction is added to your MultiSafepay balance.

Order Status Transaction Status Description
Initialized Initialized A payment link has been generated, but no payment has been received yet.
Completed Completed A successful KBC transaction has been received and the funds will be added to your MultiSafepay Control balance.
Expired Expired An unfinished transaction will automatically expire after a predefined period.
Void Cancelled Transaction has been cancelled.

Refund flow

Order Status Transaction Status Description
Initialized Initialized A refund has been requested.
Completed Completed Refund has been successfully processed.

The full API reference for KBC can be found here

Product rules

Some rules may apply to certain payment methods. For KBC, the following rules apply:

  • Refunding more than the stated amount of the original transaction is possible with KBC. More information is available on our refund more than original amount page

  • Successful KBC transactions have no expiring date regarding refunding, as long as the receiving bank is able to process the refund

  • The lifetime of a payment link can be adjusted. This might be beneficial for your inventory. The adjustment can be processed through the days or seconds active. Full documentation can be found on our lifetime of a payment link FAQ page.

  • Payments done through KBC are processed in Euros (EUR)


KBC is a standard payment method.

KBC can be activated in your MultiSafepay Control under settings -> payment methods. Enable KBC as payment method in your ecommerce platform to finalize the activation.

If KBC is not visible as a payment method in your MultiSafepay Control, you can contact the Integrations team at [email protected] to assist you further.

Note: Before you request KBC to be activated, check whether this payment method is supported by your ecommerce platform and your MultiSafepay Control.

Request refund

Please follow these steps to refund a KBC transaction:

  1. Select transaction -> transaction overview in your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Find the transaction through search
  3. Open transaction
  4. Select refund
  5. Fill in the amount that you want to refund to the customer
  6. Confirm the refund.

Please note that by default, MultiSafepay does not allow for you to refund more than the stated amount of the original transaction. Please refer to the product rules for more information.

The transaction status is now initialized. As long as the transaction status is marked as initialized, the refund can be cancelled. When the transaction status is marked as completed, the refund is processed correctly. The customer will receive the refund to the bank account number in which the transaction was originally paid to, within the next business day.

A refund will only be processed if your balance on your MultiSafepay Control is sufficient.

We do not automatically receive the IBAN when a transaction is completed. However, we import our bank statements daily and all incoming payments which have not been completed yet will then be completed. Refunds can therefore be done after 1 business day.

In the event of a failed KBC refund, please contact our support team at [email protected] to assist you.


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