Processing split payments

Split payments are not incorporated in our ecommerce integrations by default. You can add this as a custom feature using our API.

For more information, see API - Split payments.

You can select to split by a “fixed” amount, a “percentage”, or a combination of both. The amount for “fixed” payments is in cents and matches the currency the transaction was paid in. This data is stored in var3. Any value you provide for var3 is overwritten.


  • Two active MultiSafepay accounts
  • Access to the code that creates the JSON request

To process split payments, add an affiliate object:

"affiliate": {
   "split_payments": [
            "merchant": 987654321,
            "fixed": 123,
            "description": "Fixed fee"
            "merchant": 987654321,
            "percentage": 12.3,
            "description": "Relative fee"


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