How to process a Split Payment?

Split Payments is a feature in our API

This is not incorporated within our ecommerce integrations by default, but it can be added through customization from your side.

In order to split a payment you need the following:

  • two active MultiSafepay accounts
  • access to the code that creates the JSON request.

For split payments, add the object “affiliate” like:

"affiliate": {
   "split_payments": [
            "merchant": 987654321,
            "fixed": 123,
            "description": "Fixed fee"
            "merchant": 987654321,
            "percentage": 12.3,
            "description": "Relative fee"

See our API page for more detailed technical information.


  • Amount for fixed is in cents and follows the currency settings for the transaction
  • You can either choose “fixed” or “percentage” or a combination of both
  • Keep in mind that our platform uses var3 to store this data, so if you provide any value for var3, it will be overwritten.


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