Server to Server, What is it?

What is server to server credit card processing?

By requesting the credit card details on the webshop, a ‘direct’ transaction can be created. Customers can finalize a credit card payment without being redirected to the Payment page of MultiSafepay, resulting in a faster checkout experience and a higher level of control from the merchant’s perspective.

Types of Credit & Debit Cards supported for Server to Server direct payments.

Debit / Credit cards Supported for server to server direct payments
Visa 3D verified by Visa and NON 3D
Mastercard 3D secure code and NON 3D
Maestro Only 3D
American Express NON 3D = No Safekey
Bancontact Only 3D

Transaction Payment Statuses

Transaction status Supported for server to server direct payments
Initialized A transaction has been initiated, but no payment has been received yet.
Completed Payment has been successful.
Declined Rejected by the credit card company.
Canceled Canceled by the merchant (only aplies to the status initialized or uncleared).
Uncleared Waiting for manual permission of the merchant to approve or decline the payment.
Void Failed Payment.
Expired Depending on the payment method, unfinished transaction automatically expires after a predifined period.

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Credit Card Settings to allow direct credit card 3D secure payments.

3D Secure is a technical standard to enhance security. Credit card transactions which are processed with the 3D Secure protocol require a form of authentication of the customer, during the payment process. This is usually done via a password connected to the card.

By default all card orders are processed with 3D Secure. Except American Express orders; 3D Secure ‘Safekey’ is currently not supported for American Express transaction.

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