How to process Server to Server credit card payments?

3D enabled request

To process a direct credit card transaction (server to server), use the POST -/orders endpoint.

The transaction request type should be “direct”.

"type": "direct",
"gateway": "CREDITCARD",

When 3D secure verification is required, the HTML form will be returned and should be rendered.

"customer_verification": {
     "html": "<html>\n<head>\n<title>3D Html form</title>....",
     "type": "form" 

Once the customer has successfully processed the verification step to finalize the payment, the notification_url will notify the ecommerce platform with a completed status. Order details can be called through a GET -/orders/{order_id} .

Non 3D request

When no 3D verification is required, the transaction status response will be processed directly and no form will be sent.

    "success": true,
    "data": {

POST notification

Optionally, POST notification can be enabled, meaning that the transaction status is automatically sent to the notification_url via a POST call.

By default this parameter is ‘GET’.

"payment_options": {
        "notification_url": "https://my.notificatio.url",
        "notification_method" : "POST",
        "cancel_url": null,
        "redirect_url": null,

Use our API reference on server to server for more information on how to process a direct credit card payment.