Activate Server to Server credit card payments

Before you proceed with processing direct credit card transactions, check with your account manager at MultiSafepay if you are eligible for the payment method.

Requirements: PCI license required

In order to process direct credit card transactions, the following is required of the merchant:

  1. Register for a MultiSafepay Control account
  2. Make sure you are PCI compliant and receive final approval by MultiSafepay Risk Team to enable this feature
  3. Integrate with MultiSafepay via JSON API following the instructions provided in this documentation
  4. Credit card transactions with MultiSafepay accounts are by default 3D secure enabled. Certain MultiSafepay accounts can be totally 3D disabled or can be processed with a 3D Dynamic filter based on a pre-configured set of rules.

All options require approval and enabling by our Risk Team.

3D Secure Processing

3D Secure is a protocol designed to reduce fraud and chargebacks during ecommerce Internet transactions. Cardholders are redirected during the payment process to their issuing bank in order to identify themselves before the purchase can be completed. This usually means entering a PIN or a password after entering their card details. In the event of a dispute with the transaction at a later date, the card issuer will usually take responsibility of the chargeback instead of the merchant. This only applies for charges with no authorization and/or fraud, not for situations where the product is not delivered or where customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the order.

The liability issues involved with 3D secure transactions are outside of the scope of this document. For a detailed indication of the liabilities involved, contact our Risk Team at [email protected]

MultiSafepay only supports Mastercard Secure Code, Verified by Visa, American Express Safekey and Bancontact 3D.