Server to Server

Dynamic 3D Secure

Dynamic 3D Secure

Based on a predefined set of rules, an order will be processed with or without 3D Secure

A request to activate Dynamic 3D Secure is submitted via your account manager by email [email protected]

The following information is required:

  • The reason why your want to process Dynamic 3D Secure transactions
  • A fee can be requested for the use and/or implementation of the …
Activate Server to Server credit card payments

Before you proceed with processing direct credit card transactions, check with your account manager at MultiSafepay if you are eligible for the payment method.

Activation and requirements

In order to process direct credit card transactions, the following is required of the merchant:

  1. Register for a MultiSafepay Control account.
  2. Make sure you are PCI compliant and receive final approval by …
How to process Server to Server credit card payments?

3D enabled request

To process a direct credit card transaction (server to server), use the POST -/orders endpoint.

The transaction request type should be “direct”.

"type": "direct",
"gateway": "CREDITCARD",

When 3D secure verification is required you have two option for handling the verification:

  1. the recommended way is to redirect your customer …
Server to Server

What it is

By requesting the credit card details on the webshop, a ‘direct’ transaction can be created. Customers can finalize a credit card payment without being redirected to the payment page of MultiSafepay, resulting in a faster checkout experience and a higher level of control from the merchant’s perspective.

Types of Credit & Debit Cards supported for Server to Server …

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