Second Chance

Second Chance, How it works

When a customer initiates a payment, but does not finish it for any reason, MultiSafepay will send a Second Chance reminder email. Included in these emails, there is a payment link that will allow the customer to finalize the payment. The first Second Chance email is sent after 1 hour and the second after 24 hours after the initial transaction was started.

A Second Chance email can be sent as long as the email address of the customer is included in the transaction request.

When is the Second Chance email excluded?

Transaction status
The transaction status indicates the payment status of the transaction, such as completed, pending or rejected. Once the transaction status is completed, the amount of the transaction is added to your MultiSafepay balance.

The Second Chance email cannot be activated and/or sent to the customer when the transaction status of the original transaction states:

  1. Pending
  2. Uncleared
  3. Completed.

Excluded payment methods
Certain payments methods have a different flow and, as a result, the Second Chance email cannot be activated and/or sent to the customers. Below, you can find a list of all the exceptions:

  1. Klarna
  2. Afterpay
  3. Betaalplan
  4. Pay After Delivery
  5. Bank transfer
  6. Direct Debit.

Altering the Second Chance configuration

At the moment you can not change the Second Chance email in the settings. The Second Chance email can only be either enabled or disabled. When enabled, the Second Chance will be sent twice within 24 hours and this cannot be adjusted (after 1 hour and after 24 hours).

The Second Chance email can be personalised through an email template. More information on how to personalize a Second Chance email is available in Personalize the Second Chance email.

External plugins

When enabled, the Second Chance email can have a negative result if, for example, you use an external warehouse system. A simple cron may resolve a conflict between the Second Chance email and a warehouse system. However, it is not a stable solution in all situations.

When an order is cancelled in the webshop, an order can still be paid by Second Chance. This can be done within 30 days or within days_active / second_active. If an order is paid, we will reopen the order within the webshop. A warehouse system may already release the reservation on the order upon receiving a cancelled status, or, in some cases, consider the cancelled status to be permanent. As result, it may be, that the order is no longer available in stock.

The Second Chance email is also likely to cause an issue in combination with running an ERP system.

How long is a Second Chance active?

The payment link added in the Second Chance email has the same lifetime as the original payment request and is by default 30 days.

Days and seconds active

When enabled, the Second Chance email will be sent once after 1 hour and once after 24 hours. This cannot be adjusted at this time. It is, however, possible to influence the life of the payment link by changing the parameters days_active and second_active.

Example 1:
When the days_active is set to 2, the payment link will automatically expire after the two days. The customer will not be able to complete the payment after the expired period. This ensures that the stock is reversed after the payment link expires.

Example 2:
When the seconds_active is set within 84600 seconds (equivalent of 24 hours), the payment link supplied in the second Second Chance email will no longer be valid. The second Second Chance email is sent regardless and this cannot be changed.

When a payment link is set to expire within 24 hours and the Second Chance is enabled, the customer will receive an expired payment link in the Second Chance email.

More information on days_active and second_active is available on our FAQ page, lifetime of a payment link.

How to activate Second Chance?

In order to enable Second Chance in MultiSafepay Control, you can follow these steps:

  1. Login into your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Choose the website you want to enable the Second Chance for
  3. Within the Website Functionality tile you can enable Second Chance.

After the Second Chance is enabled for the website you selected, all your customers who do not successfully make a payment will receive a Second Chance email.
The Second Chance email can be changed through the email settings.

How to personalize the Second Chance email?

You can fully personalize the Second Chance email. This can be done by creating a Second Chance email template. In your MultiSafepay Control, you will find the email template tool under Settings.

Download the standard Second Chance email. You can style the email template entirely to your own taste.

Please note: There is a piece of formatted text processed in the email template, contact your web developer for technical support.

Second Chance, What it is

The Second Chance email is an email reminder that points out to your customers of their attempted (and incomplete) payments and encourages them to finalize. This way you can stimulate impulse purchases.

The Second Chance email will automatically be sent to the customer when enabled. Included in these emails, there is a payment link that will allow the customer to complete the payment.

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