Automated accountant export

Automated accountant export via SFTP is in beta. Now available for testing in a MultiSafepay Test Control.

Accountant Export

An accountant export is generated every day. An accountant export will show all successful incoming and outgoing transactions with the associated costs, where applicable. A report designed for accounting.

Sending an automated accounting export

MultiSafepay has created three ways to send an automated accountant export:

  1. By email
  2. SFTP - Pull request (With this method you will receive access to an SFTP server from MultiSafepay)
  3. SFTP - Push request (With this method MultiSafepay would like to receive access to an SFTP server from you).

We support SFTP by username/password and username/SSH keys.

We only support port 22 & 2222 for SFTP connections


MultiSafepay can send the automated accountant export daily, weekly or monthly.
A time will be selected when the report will be sent. We hereby maintain the CEST time zone.

Accountant export format

The following reports are available for automatically exporting an export.

  1. CAMT053
  2. CODA
  3. CSV
  4. MT940
  5. XLS
  6. XLSX

For information regarding the different exports, click here

How to request an Automated accountant export

Provide us with the following information to activate an automated accountant export:

  1. Would you like to receive an accountant export by email, SFTP pull or SFTP push request
  2. Select the frequency, daily, weekly or monthly
  3. Type of accountant export, CAMT053, CODA, CSV, MT940, XLS or XLSX
  4. Select a time when the desired report can be sent. We use the CEST timezone.
  5. Do you want to group the cost in 1 record or displayed per transaction.

Send the requested to our technical department via [email protected]

Don’t forget to add your MultiSafepay Control number.