Partner Account Control

How can I access the MultiSafepay Merchant Control?

MultiSafepay Merchant Control Access

Access to the MultiSafepay Control accounts can be done through the Affiliate dashboard. Once an affiliate has been approved a blue ‘Log In’ button will appear in the ‘Action’ column for a single merchant. Clicking on this button will direct you a merchants MultiSafepay Control.

This dashboard will allow you to see an overview of the affiliates finances, …

How can I create a MultiSafepay Partner Account?

MultiSafepay Partner Account Control

If you would like to create a MultiSafepay Partner Account, we invite you to follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open the following page: Signup with MultiSafepay

Step 2: When logging into your account for the first time, a red button will be visible ‘Go to activation’ indicating that important documentation must be uploaded in order to proceed. This …

How can I customize the email template for affiliates?

Customize the email template for affiliates

Partners can easily adjust the welcome email for affiliates after adding the website URL and logo.

This can be carried out by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the left side and click on Settings > Email templates.
  2. Click ‘Add new template’
  3. Click on ‘Load default template’. This will allow for adjustments to be made using the default email …
How can I sign up new affiliates?

Sign up new affiliates

Once your account has been approved, It is possible to sign up new affiliates through the Partner Account.

Navigate to column on the left side of the Partner Account and click on Affiliates. This will direct you to the Affiliate dashboard. On the same page in the top right corner, you will find the partner link which can be sent to new affiliates.

The Affiliate …

How is the invoice structured?

How is the invoice structured?

The invoice consists of the monthly commission payout and the VAT (21%). Please note; the commission payout has already been paid out and invoice follows one month later together with the VAT.

Your invoice contains the information of the prior month. The date can be found on top of invoice.

  • Invoice date: the date you receive the invoice as well as the VAT of …
What documentation is important for my affiliates?

Documentation for affiliates

Affiliates may have a number of questions regarding matters such as the on-boarding process and payment methods. To help answer these questions, MultiSafepay has dedicated documentation on each of these topics:

If a merchant is unable to find and answer in the above links, they can always search for topics …

Where can I find my invoice for the partner reimbursement?

Partner reimbursement invoice

MultiSafepay will send you the invoice every month by email. This can also be requested by sending an email to [email protected]

Which documents are required before a payment can be made?

Partner compensation payment

Partner compensation can only be paid after the partner account has been fully approved. Before that, you can make full use of the Partner Dashboard and you will receive partner compensation from connected affiliates.

Approval can be carried out by clicking the red button on the Partner Dashboard page saying ‘Go to Activation’.

It takes an average of 3 working …

Why do my merchants have to sign a separate agreement?

Merchant agreement

MultiSafepay is a financial institution that is supervised by the Dutch bank. As a payment service provider, we offer payment solutions for which costs are charged.

All MultiSafepay merchants therefore sign a cooperation agreement with general terms and conditions.


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