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Add your website

Add your website to MultiSafepay Control

Adding your website to MultiSafepay Control is the first step to connecting your website and MultiSafepay. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control or MultiSafepay Control Test environment
  2. Navigate to Settings > Website settings
  3. Add a new website by selecting Quick add website
  4. Please supply the following information to add …

Auto-withdrawal feature


The auto-withdrawal feature allows you to add fund withdrawal profiles in other currencies. It must be noted that you must hold a balance and an active bank account for each currency.

This can be accessed by navigating to your Dashboard in your MultiSafepay Control. Click on Withdraw funds on the right hand side of the page and select Add new under Automatic withdrawals.

A new …

Delete a website

Deleting a website

It is possible to delete a website from your MultiSafepay Control

  1. Navigate to your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Go to Settings > Website Settings
  3. Click on Enabled for the website you wish to delete
  4. Click the red bin icon Delete
  5. The website has now been deleted from your MultiSafepay Control.
Email template token

In our email templates, you can use the following tokens between @@:

Tags Result
ACCOUNT Account_id of FastCheckout customer
ACCOUNTADDRESS Customer’s address and street name
ACCOUNTADDRESSAPARTMENT Customer’s address house number
ACCOUNTCITY Customer’s address place of residence
ACCOUNTCOUNTRY Customer’s address place of residence
How do I get an API key?

You can retrieve your API key by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to the MultiSafepay Control or Test MultiSafepay Control
  2. Navigate to Settings > Website settings
  3. Add a new website or click on an existing website.

You will then be able to view the following information:

  • API key
  • Site ID
  • Secure Code
Notification URL

What do I need to fill in the notification URL field in MultiSafepay Control?

When you create a payment link in your MultiSafepay Control, the webshop will automatically update the pending order in its backend if the notification URL is correctly set.

However, if the notification URL is not correctly set, the order will not update and it may be necessary to manually set it in MultiSafepay …

User configuration

How do I add a user to my MultiSafepay Control?

To add users with different permission profiles to your MultiSafepay Control, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control
  2. Navigate to Settings on the left side menu
  3. Click on User management
  4. Click on Add new user on the top right corner
  5. Fill in the required credentials and set the Status to Active
  6. Select the appropriate …
Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires users to verify their identity with two pieces of evidence. This authentication method is used to add an additional layer of security to your data. At MultiSafepay, the first piece of evidence users are asked to provide is a password. The second piece of evidence is a 6-digit token, generated in the MultiSafepay app on the user’s mobile device.

How …


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