MOTO, what is it?

MOTO payments, also known as mail order and telephone order, allows you to accept credit card payments by manually entering them in your payment gateway by means of a virtual terminal.

MOTO, how does it work?

MOTO payments are processed from your MultiSafepay control. To process MOTO payments, screening needs to enable the functionality. The MOTO tool can only be used for the credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Credit cards to which a 3D Secure verification is applied, can also be processed with the MOTO tool. However, the 3D Secure protocol is not started. This means that these credit cards, although initially 3D Secure, skip the verification process when completing the payment.

MOTO payments are processed from your MultiSafepay Control under the -> Tools function. The customer provides the credit card details by email or telephone. By selecting a currency and the total amount, the payment that is linked to a webshop can be finalized.

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Processing credit card payment that skip the verification process when completing the payment are loosing the additional security layer. Meaning that the payment completed is not enrolled. Therefore, the risk of fraud lies entirely with the merchant.

Processing credit card payments without 3D secure

Activating MOTO

Due to the increased risk of fraud when processing MOTO payments, the screening department will check whether the MOTO tool will be enabled and/or applies to your MultiSafepay Control. For further information to find out if your are eligible to process MOTO payment, contact your account manager at [email protected]