Accountant export

The Accountant export lists all successful incoming and outgoing transactions, including the amount, payment method, and transaction status (at the time the report was generated).

View export formats

You can generate the report in the following formats:

  • CAMT053
  • CODA
  • CSV
  • MT940
  • XLS
  • XLSX

View exclusions

MultiSafepay does not collect funds for …

Transaction summary
  • Overview of all transactions within a specific timeframe
  • Includes: Currency, transaction status, payment method, website, grouping of costs
  • Formats: Excel or PDF
  • See Transaction summary
Financial report
  • Overview of transactions within a specific timeframe and grouping of costs
  • Includes the following types of completed transactions: Paid transactions, refunds, chargebacks/reversals, payouts, currency conversions
  • Format: Excel or CSV
  • See Financial report
Financial summary
  • Overview of transactions by timeframe and currency
  • Includes: All revenue and transaction costs per payment method, refunds, chargebacks, and reversals
  • Excludes: Withdrawals
  • Group by payment method and cost type
  • Format: Excel or PDF
  • See Financial summary
Advanced reporting

Advanced reports include Sales reports and Conversion reports. They help you find out:

  • Who your customers are
  • Where they are from
  • What payment methods they use
  • What devices they use
  • Your conversion rate per website

Generating advanced reports

To generate a Sales or Conversion report, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control.
  2. Go to Reports > Advanced reporting.
  3. Select the …


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