Risk and fraud

Preventing fraud and minimizing risk

MultiSafepay prevents fraud by monitoring payments and actively tracking and reporting online criminals. Our custom risk management systems are designed to accommodate merchants and partners with different needs. The Risk Team actively works to reduce chargeback rates and analyzes high-risk transactions.

We offer the highest industry protection under the PCI DSS, including HTTPS, data encryption, …

Monitoring transactions

Under the Wwft, MultiSafepay is obliged to monitor the transactions of all merchants.

We may request a copy of an invoice, e.g. if:

  • It is unclear what is being sold.
  • The order value is unusually high.
  • The order deviates from your normal customer profile.

We may also ask other questions about the transaction. Following our investigation, if we still don’t understand the transaction (e.g. …

Changing your company details

You must inform MultiSafepay of any changes to the form of your company or any other company details, e.g. address, director, UBO.

  • For changes of address, email the Support Team at [email protected]
  • For changes in the company form, directors, or UBO, email your request and account ID to the Risk Team at [email protected]

MultiSafepay will request new documentation, such as UBO …

Adding and deactivating business bank accounts

Adding a new business bank account

To add a new business bank account for payouts, add the new IBAN in your MultiSafepay account.

To verify the account:

  • Make a payment of 1 EUR from the business bank account, or
  • Provide a copy of a bank statement, or
  • Provide a screenshot of your online banking environment, including IBAN and company name.

Note: The company name on your bank statement must …


MultiSafepay may request a deposit to cover our financial risks, e.g.:

  • A merchant goes bankrupt and we can’t collect funds for chargebacks from their account.
  • A merchant uses payment methods that let you withdraw funds from your MultiSafepay balance when there are no funds available, e.g. SEPA direct debits or credit card payments.

Deposits are based on various factors:

  • Credit card …
Periodic reviews

MultiSafepay is legally required to periodically review all merchant accounts to maintain a close relationship and ensure the accuracy of company information in our system.

We check if your company is still active and if there have been any changes in the business model, directors, and ultimate beneficial ownership since onboarding or the last review.

If we pick up any changes, we email you to …


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Other languages

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