Payout report

The Payout report provides an overview of the specific transactions and fees included in a payout.

It is helpful for matching payouts to specific orders or invoices for accounting purposes.

Supported format: Excel

Report contents


  • Report created: the date the report was generated
  • Merchant ID: your MultiSafepay account number and merchant name
  • Payout ID: the reference number for this payout
  • Logic: what time the payout was made
  • Date from: the start date of the reporting period
  • Date till: the end date of the reporting period
  • Payout currency: the currency the payout was paid in


  • Created date: the date the transaction was initiated
  • Completed date/time: the date and time the transaction was completed
  • Mt status: the transaction status
  • Mt order status: the order status
  • Psp id: MultiSafepay’s transaction reference number
  • Amount: the transaction amount in whole currency
  • Amount cents: the transaction amount in cents
  • Creditdebit: C means credit, D means debit
  • N code: see N-codes for identifying payment methods
  • Payment type: a MultiSafepay fee, or the payment method
  • Mt description: description of the transaction
  • Sub description: description of a component of the transaction. For example, an issuer fee or currency conversion cost.
  • Sub status: the transaction status
  • Sub id: MultiSafepay’s transaction reference number
  • Ms description: website name
  • Order id: your unique identifier for the order
  • Var1/Var2/Var3: additional information

Generating Payout reports

Note: You must have completed at least one payout to generate a Payout report.

To generate a Payout report, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay account.
  2. Go to Finance > Daily balance.
  3. In the Daily balance overview page, under Payout transaction for the relevant date, click the green Excel icon.


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