MultiSafepay statuses

There are two statuses in your MultiSafepay account that update as payments are processed.

Order status
The progression of the customer’s order with you, independent of the payment, e.g. whether you have shipped the items.
API attribute: status

Transaction status
The progression towards settling the funds in your MultiSafepay balance.
API attribute: financial_status

Statuses are also valuable for understanding reports.

Viewing statuses

To view statuses in your MultiSafepay account, go to Transaction overview > Transaction details page, under Status history.

Status meanings

The meaning of statuses (or combinations of statuses) varies per payment method. To check specific meanings, see the relevant payment method page.

The table below sets out possible order and transaction statuses and what they commonly mean.

Status Description
Initialized A payment link has been generated, but the customer hasn’t yet completed payment.
Shipped You have shipped the order and the funds can be captured.
Uncleared The customer has completed payment, but the funds are not yet settled. You may need to manually authorize or decline the transaction, or the issuer is authorizing it.
Completed - Order: The customer has completed payment and settlement is guaranteed. Proceed with shipment.
- Transaction: The funds are settled in your MultiSafepay balance.
Declined The issuer or acquirer has declined the transaction.
See also About Declined status.
Void / Cancelled You or the customer has cancelled the transaction.
Expired The customer didn’t complete payment and the transaction expired.

Refunds and chargebacks

Status Description
Initialized The customer has requested a refund.
Chargeback The customer has requested a chargeback.
Completed The refund or chargeback has been processed successfully.
Refunded The refund has been processed successfully.
Partial_refunded The partial refund has been processed successfully.
Declined The payment method has declined the refund request.
Reserved A payout or refund has been temporarily reserved while we check your MultiSafepay balance has sufficient funds.


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