EPS payment flow

The table below shows a successful payment flow from start to finish.

About order and transaction statuses

  • Order status: the progression of the customer’s order with you, independent of the payment
  • Transaction status: the progression towards settlement in your MultiSafepay balance

For more information, see About MultiSafepay statuses.

Flow Order status Transaction status
1. The customer initiates a transaction. Initialized Initialized
2. MultiSafepay generates a payment link.
3. The customer authenticates their account and completes the payment.
4. The transaction is successful.
It cannot be reversed by the customer and settlement is guaranteed.
Completed Completed
5. MultiSafepay collects the funds and adds them to your MultiSafepay balance.

Unsuccessful statuses

Description Order status Transaction status
The transaction has been cancelled. Void Cancelled
The customer didn’t complete the payment and the transaction expired. Expired Expired

Refund statuses

Description Order status Transaction status
The customer has requested a refund. Reserved Reserved
The refund has been successfully processed. Completed Completed


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