Product rules

Countries Worldwide
Currencies EUR
Chargebacks No More information
Payment flow Direct / Redirect More information
Recurring payments No More information
Transactions expire after 2 hours
Adjust payment link lifetimes Yes More information

  • Full and partial refunds are supported.

  • There is no time limit on refunding successful transactions, so long as the receiving bank can process the refund.

  • While the transaction status is Initialized, you can cancel the refund. Once the status changes to Completed, the refund has been processed.

  • Refunds are only processed if there are enough funds in your MultiSafepay balance.

  • The customer receives the refund in the bank account they originally paid from within the next business day.

  • If a refund fails, email the Support Team at [email protected]

  • To request support for more currencies, email your account manager at [email protected]


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