Trustly, How does it work?

When the customer selects the payment method Trustly, the customer needs to select the desired country. By doing so, all online banks that are connected to the payment method Trustly will be presented to the customer. The customer can finalize the payment by logging in with the banking details.

Transaction and Order status Description
Initialized The customer started a transaction.
Completed Funds have been received on the merchant’s PayPal account.
Expired The customer did not finish this transaction and it has expired.
Cancelled The customer manually cancelled the order.
Uncleared No action is required with the uncleared status.

Product rules

In exceptional cases, the uncleared status can occur within the payment methods Trustly. In this case, it is up to Trustly to inform MultiSafepay of the correct status. This can be a completed status as well as a declined and / or expired status. The uncleared status automatically expires after 5 days.

Trustly can be offered in the following currencies

  • Euros (EUR)

  • Pounds (GBP)

  • Swedish krona (SEK)

Supported plugins Version
Magento 2 Available from version 1.5.0
Magento 1 Available from version 2.4.1
WooCommerce Available from version 3.2.0
OpenCart Available from version 2.2.0
PrestaShop 1.7 Available from version 4.2.0
CS-Cart Available from version 1.3.0
Druppal 8 Latest version available
Shopware Available from version 2.0.2
X-Cart Available from version 2.2.0