Integrating and testing Postepay


API See API reference – Create order > Card order. See also Examples > Credit card redirect.
Bundled credit cards
You can also bundle multiple credit cards together on your MultiSafepay credit card payment page. This saves space in your checkout. Customers enter their payment details and the page detects the specific card scheme based on the first four digits.
To make Postepay available as a payment method on the MultiSafepay credit card payment page, set the locale to it_IT (Italy) in transaction requests.
Ready-made integrations You can integrate using the Visa gateway (redirect) in all our ready-made integrations.
Checkout options Payment Components (embedded)
Multisafepay payment pages (hosted) – Current and deprecated versions
Payment links – You can adjust the lifetime.
Logo See MultiSafepay GitHub – MultiSafepay icons.


See Test payment details.


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