PayPal, How does it work?

MultiSafepay supports seamless integration with PayPal with the PayPal API. Funds are transferred directly to the merchant’s PayPal business account, while the transaction statuses and payment validation are managed by MultiSafepay. In order to integrate your PayPal Business account with MultiSafepay, the PayPal account API settings must be configured. Once the integration is completed you can receive payments through this gateway by using one of our plugins, or by implementing a custom integration with our API.

The transaction status refers to the status of the actual payment. MultiSafepay uses the order status for PayPal transactions. Since we do not collect the funds of completed PayPal transactions (as they are directly sent to your PayPal account), the transaction status will remain ‘initialized’.

Please note the various descriptions of statuses and how they should be interpreted:

Transaction status Order status Description
Initialized Initialized The customer started an transaction.
Initialized Completed Funds have been received on the merchant’s PayPal account.
Initialized Expired The customer did not finish this transaction and it has expired.
Cancelled Cancelled The customer manually cancelled the order.

Product rules

Uncleared transactions can only be declined or accepted within your PayPal account

A succesful payment received within your PayPal account can be refunded within 90 days. Normally a credit card payment can be refunded within 180 days. If a refund still needs to take place, a Bank transfer is adviced.

For information on which currencies are supported within the payment method PayPal, please contact PayPal.