Pay After Delivery payment flow

This diagram shows the flow for a successful transaction. Click to magnify.


Failure to pay

If the customer fails to pay within the initial 14 day period, MultiFactor emails them reminders with new payment links, each valid for 6 days:

  • The first and second reminders are free.
  • With the third, we add a fee of 7.50 EUR to the invoice.
  • With the fourth, we add a fee of 12.50 EUR to the invoice.

If the customer still fails to pay, the total invoice is transferred to a debt collection agency.

To stop sending reminders, you can either:

  • Credit the invoice for a zero amount, or
  • Request to place the transaction on hold for up to 1 month

Email a request to place transactions on hold to [email protected]
Provide the following information:

  • Transaction details
  • Reason for your request
  • Expected date to start the billing process again

Payment statuses

About order and transaction statuses

Order status: Changes as the customer’s order with you progresses towards shipment (independent of payment)

Transaction status: Changes as the funds progress towards settlement in your MultiSafepay balance

For more information, see About MultiSafepay statuses.

Payments Order status Transaction status
MultiSafepay’s risk analysis is in progress.
You can still cancel.
Initialized Initialized
We have authorized the transaction.
You can no longer cancel. You can only refund.
See also Closing transactions.
Completed Uncleared
Important: Manually change the order status to Shipped. Shipped Uncleared
MultiSafepay has collected payment. Shipped Completed
The transaction was cancelled. Void/Cancelled Void/Cancelled
MultiSafepay declined the transaction. Declined Declined
The customer didn’t complete payment within 90 days. Expired Expired
Refund initiated. Initialized Initialized
Refund complete. Completed Completed


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