Pay After Delivery, How does it work?

Pay After Delivery is a payment method developed and managed by our own developers at MultiSafepay. Therefore, the payout of the transaction is guaranteed by MultiSafepay.

Pay After Delivery is an online payment method that allows the customer to pay a transaction after receiving the purchase. The customer only pays for the articles retained.

When an uncleared Pay After Delivery is received, no action is required. Our support team will process the transaction within two business days.

The customer has 14 days to complete the payment after receiving the invoice from Multifactor.

Shipped status

When receiving a transaction with Pay After Delivery as payment method, it is important to take the following steps.

If you agree with the received transaction (by actually sending the goods), you can change the order status from completed to shipped. More importantly, this allows Pay After Delivery to start billing the customer.

If you do not change the order status to shipped, the order will eventually expire.

The shipped status is therefore important for invoicing the customer and the payout of the transaction on your MultiSafepay balance.

You can adjust the order status in the original transaction in your MultiSafepay Control via change order status.

Payout Pay After Delivery transaction

The payout of a Pay After Delivery transaction will be added onto your MultiSafepay Balance. A Pay After Delivery payout will be processed 30 days after changing the status to shipped.

Product rules

When no action is being taken within 90 days of receiving a transaction with the payment method Pay After Delivery, the transaction will expire.

When a Pay After Delivery transaction has the order status shipped, there will be no time limit on refunding the transaction.

Pay After Delivery is processed in the currency Euros (EUR)

Currently the payment method Pay After Delivery is offered in the Netherlands only.