Pay After Delivery

Pay After Delivery is MultiSafepay's own pay later method that lets customers pay for orders after receiving them, increasing customer confidence and conversion.

User guide

Closing Pay After Delivery transactions

If a customer pays for an order into your business bank account directly instead of paying MultiFactor, you need to manually change the transaction status to Completed. This stops MultiFactor sending the customer payment requests.

To close a transaction manually, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your MultiSafepay dashboard.
  2. Go to Transactions > Transaction overview.
  3. Search for the transaction and click to open the Transaction details page.
  4. Click Complete own funds.
  5. Enter a comment about what happened with the order.
  6. Click Complete.
    The total amount of the transaction is deducted from your MultiSafepay balance. The invoice is considered settled.
Note: Once the transaction status changes to Completed, the Complete own funds button is hidden. You must process a full refund instead.
Processing Pay After Delivery refunds and discounts

Pay After Delivery supports:

Refund guidance

  • You can’t process refunds after the invoice is passed to a collection agency (usually 6 weeks after shipping the order). This is not visible in your MultiSafepay dashboard. To check when the invoice was passed to the agency, email [email protected]

  • You can’t see whether the customer has paid the invoice. If they have already paid, they receive a refund. If not, they receive an adjusted payment request or the invoice is cancelled.

  • For both full and partial refunds, any additional administration costs for the customer are deducted from the invoice. The customer has a further 14 days to complete the payment.

  • You cannot reverse full refunds.


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