ING Home'Pay, How does it work?

ING Home’Pay is a banking payment method, meaning a customer has a bank account at ING Home’Pay and can use ING Home’Pay as a payment method. ING Home’Pay is pretty similar to any bank payment. A customer chooses to pay with ING Home’Pay, authenticates their account, and confirms to pay.

The payment method ING Home’Pay can only be processed on our new Payment page starting with PayV2.

In case a customer makes a successful payment but does not press the button to return to the website, we do not receive the status update and therefore the transaction status remains initialized.

However, we import our bank statements daily and all incoming payments which have not been completed yet will then be completed.

ING Home’Pay transaction flow

Order Status Financial Status Description
Initialized Initialized A payment link has been generated, but no payment has been received yet.
Completed Completed A successful ING Home’Pay transaction has been received and the funds will be added to your MultiSafepay Control balance.
Expired Expired An unfinished transaction will automatically expire after a predefined period.
Void Canceled Transaction has been canceled.

ING Home’Pay transaction, refund status flow

Order Status Financial Status Description
Initialized Initialized A refund has been requested.
Completed Completed Refund has been successfully processed.

Full API reference on the payment method ING Home’Pay.

Product rules

Some rules may apply to certain payment methods. These rules apply to the payment method ING Home’Pay.

  • The lifetime of a payment link can be adjusten. This might be beneficial for your inventory. The adjustment can be processed through the days or seconds active.

    Full documentation on the lifetime of a payment link can be found on our FAQ page, Lifetime of a payment link

  • ING Home’Pay is processed in the currency Euros (EUR).